We have over 25 years of professional experience!

About the Company

The Tartu construction company AS EVIKO was founded in 1991.

Our primary activities are main construction contracting, project management, general construction work, and restoration. We provide construction supervision and the design of construction structures.

AS EVIKO has a substantial force of in-house activities. We can provide in-house execution of masonry, concrete, soil, assembly, tiling, plastering, painting, and carpentry works. We have a team of specialists with higher and specialized education that can run construction projects both as main contractors and project managers.

AS Eviko construction objects are located all over Estonia and Finland. We have built various objects in Tartu, Tartu County, Tallinn, Pärnu, Valga, Southern Estonia, Central Estonia, Eastern Virumaa and other smaller locations. The company also has construction experience from Berlin and Bochum, Germany.


Narva Rugodiv
Keila korterelamu
Tartu Ülikooli Kliinikum

Contact AS Eviko:

Phone: +372 730 6050    |     E-mail: eviko[ät]eviko.ee    |     Address: Õpetaja 9A, 51003 Tartu

Contact OÜ Eviko Ehitus:

Phone: +372 646 0501    |     E-post: info[ät]evikoehitus.ee    |     Address: Koidu 27, 10136 Tallinn